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Youth Ablaze Events

"ABLAZE" Youth Camp 2014

Good news to all the Youngsters. Sharon AG is holding a new event ABLAZE for all those who want to be filled with more passion for Christ. The main goal of ABLAZE is to teach the youth to be filled always with the Holy Spirit. There would be practical teaching about the infilling of the Spirit, Holy Spirit Baptism and equipping the youth to step forward in reaching the unreached for Christ with full of passion and Spirit authority. The youth will come to  know what God has planned for their lives and how to live passionately for God fulfilling what He has destined for us and through us.

The Camp will be held at Aasirvaad Global learning centre, Seva Bharat, Ghatkesar. This is a spacious and pleasant campus which can accommodate more than 400 people with the best infrastructure and sanitary facilities.

We promise that you will be blessed for sure. Dont miss! you will surely regret if you miss!

Dates :28th - 30th May - 2014.

(Seva Bharat) Ghatkesar.

Contact: 040-23034212, 9581537773, 9989822298
Email: youthablaze@sharonseva.org
Web: http://www.sharonseva.org

Thanking you,

Pastor Prasad Rao

Huda Colony, Chandanagar

*Registration Fee Rs. 500/- per head.
* Limited Registraions So, Hurry Up....!

Praise Report of the Youth Camp

July 23rd 25th, 2013

Greetings in the name of our Lord. We are happy to share with you few things about the monsoon youth camp which was held during July 23 – 25, 2013 at Ashirwad Global Leadership Centre which was a miracle to get that place in those days. The purpose for holding the camp was to refresh the present youth leaders, to motivate the young people to dedicate their lives to serve God, to mentor them to be active in the ministry of their local churches under the leadership of their respected pastors.

Camp contained of Worship, Workshops, Quiet time, games, Ice breakers, and Morning exercises etc. Everything was taught some spiritual truth to us and led us to repent and restart what we have left behind. There were a challenging messages and the highlight of the camp was the Prayer Tunnel. It was for the first we had, and really made a great impact on everyone.

Two hundred young people were present for the camp. Most of them were from our Church Planting Areas. Everyone was transformed during the camp. They dedicated their lives to the Lord and want to evangelize the surrounding unreached villages. They decided to participate in church ministry under the leadership of their local pastors. In fact there would have been large number but we limited it to 200 depending on the budget. We are praying that God will enable us to arrange the camp next time for at least 500 young people!

We want to express our thankfulness to each and everyone who honestly prayed about this camp and also supported financially. Please pray for every young person who went back with decision to serve the Lord.

Thanking you,

Pastor Prasad Rao

Huda Colony, Chandanagar


Ps. Timothy, Church Planter
I have come from Khammam which is about 200 kms away from Hyderabad. It is a church planting area of Sharon AG church. I brought fifteen young people from my church. I was greatly challenged with Messages. I have learnt so many things through every activity. Greatest blessing to me is to see our young people being filled with the Holy Spirit. I am going back to my place with a new decision to strengthen and motivate every young person to be used for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

Ps. Robert, Church Planter
I have come from a place called Kandukur, a church planting area of Sharon AG church. God has specially and specifically spoken to me during this camp. I learnt great lessons through every activity. I brought 10 young people from my church to the camp and I am very happy about the transformation in them.

Ps. Suresh, Church Planter
I am from Adilabad. I brought five young people from our church. I am challenged in many areas of my life. I have learnt very important lessons which were lacking previously. I am going back to my place with a clear vision to bring a transformation in lives of the youth in the church so that they can join me in doing the ministry.

Rev. Chandrasekhar Rao
I have attended the camp along with my family and the youth from my church. I am ministering at Adilabad. I really feel so thankful to God for giving me this unexpected opportunity to participate in this camp. I was actually invited by Rev. KRDV Prasad Rao for Interpretation, but after coming to the camp I am strengthened very much. I attended the workshop where Worship was the topic. I learnt new things. I am challenged in every area of the ministry. I am going back with a revised vision of my ministry.

Rev. Steven Satish Kumar
I am ministering at a place called Tandur. I attended the camp along with twenty young people from my church. I thank God for the privilege He has given me through Rev. KRDV Prasad Rao to participate in the camp. I am blessed with the worship, workshops, games, messages because I am able to learn something from every activity. Especially I am blessed with the workshop I attended where Christian Leadership and Self leadership was the topic. I learned so many wonderful things. I feel excited as I hear our youth sharing their experiences during the camp. I am going back with new strategies and with a new dedication to expand the kingdom of God.

Rev. Jonathan, Sharon AG Church
It has been a great blessing and challenging camp in my life for the first time. I brought a breakthrough in my life. I was moved as I saw the young people experiencing the presence of God in every activity. The workshops had message, the worship had a message, the games had message. In everything I saw young people receiving something from the Lord. The highlight of the camp was the PRAYER TUNNEL. Just imagine, walking in between two rows of God's children standing facing to each other stretching forth their hands towards us and praying, prophesying and blessing!. Everyone was touched and was moved in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Tears were flowing from every eye expressing thankfulness to God for such a great blessing He has given.

I am from Sharon AG Church. I attended the youth camp with much difficulty because I did not have money to pay the registration. My mother borrowed the money from someone. I went to the camp with a different purpose, but after going there I was completely under the control of the Holy Spirit. I was able to spend more time lonely with God. As I was getting closer to God for the first time in my life, a hindrance occurred in form of an injury. It was terribly paining, but I did not want to sleep in the room so I just sat on the chair and listened to everything. Praise God he healed me and changed me completely. I want to serve Him under the leadership of my pastor.

I am from Sharon AG church. I prayed very much before going to the camp desiring to learn something new. The Lord heard my prayer and satisfied me by talking to me personally. I attended the Workshop where, the topic Worship was taught. I have learnt that I can worship with and without music. And the important thing is that I should worship the Lord in spirit and truth. I have decided to be faithful, available, and teachable to God and towards my spiritual authority.

Sumalatha, Pratibha and Gangamani ADILABAD Dist.
We are brought to the camp by our Pastor Suresh. We hesitated to come to the camp. But after coming to the camp our lives are completely transformed. We attended the workshop in which Self leadership was the topic. We were challenged by it. We decided and dedicated our lives to the Lord and we want to serve among children in our church and in other villages as well.

Maheshwari, Pushpa and Geetha KANDUKUR
We praise God for the wonderful opportunity He gave us to attend for this youth camp. We never had such loving moments in our lives so far. We have become strong in the Lord now. We were challenged with powerful messages and with the topics taught in workshops. We want to witness about our God to non Christians. We are very hunger for God and His Word and His presence. We want to be blessing to our parents, our church and to the society.

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