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Kingdom Bible School

Kingdom Bible School is not just another religious school for academic training, but is geared toward preparing and sending out adequately trained people into the Lord's harvest field. Whether it is Apostle Ministry or Pastoral Ministry or Missions or Ministry at Market place - Our Goal is to mold and equip individuals to know God's will and purpose for their lives and submit themseleves for His kingdom.

We emphasize a balanced, well-rounded approach to achieve the desired result by utilizing the Word of God and depending on the Holy Spirit, we believe that God will work through our staff to produce fully competent, well-prepared and capable workers. Our passion is not only to teach but also to serve people by pouring out our lives into this ministry.

Sponsor a Training Centre

KBS currently has 13 church planters out in the field. In order to prepare these church planters for ministry, KBS has 1 training centre in Andhra Pradesh, India. It costs $1,250 to run one training centre for a month.

Training Centre Cost

Particulars and Cost per Month

  • Student Boarding (Includes accomodation and food) = Rs. 22,500/- (US $450)
  • Cook Salary = Rs. 4,000/-(US $80)
  • Four Faculty Members = Rs. 20,000/- (US $400)
  • Rent for the Faculty = Rs. 10,000/- (US $200)
  • Administrative Expenses = Rs. 6,000/- (US $120)

  • Total Cost : Rs.62,500/- (US $1,250)

ISOM Video Bible Schools

We also have Video Bible Schools under International School of Ministries. The anointed men and women of God from all over the world have given their teaching in these videos.

If you are interested in taking this training individually or as a group can contact us.

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