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Church Planting

Sharon AG church, Hyderabad is committed to motivate and mobilize its members to obey the Lord’s commission – (Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel) focusing on planting churches in Andhra Pradesh especially in Telangana region.

Telangana is one of the hardest places in India to evangelize and to plant churches. There is a strong opposition for the Christianity. But we never went back. We believed strongly that the gospel and salvation is for Telangana also. The Christian population in our State is 1.2% out of 40 million people. Telangana region has 10 Districts, 457 Mandals and 10,258 Villages. So in spite of persecutions, pastors are doing the ministry taking it as a challenge.

We have planted 25 churches in different villages. There is a great fruit in those churches. As God is doing wonderful things, the people are running to the church. Our goal for this year is to reach 100 villages with 20 church planters. Each church planter is covering at least 5 villages. Our aim is to expand the kingdom of God.

Some of the church planters are using bicycles to go to nearby villages and sometimes they go on foot. Every village is at least 10 km away, so they are finding it very difficult. The Lord has enabled us to donate motor bikes to some of them. And we are praying for the rest.

We have our missionary work in the north part of India as our vision is for the whole India. We have a North India Mission Team to work there with the help of local churches or with the help of the local missionary whom the Sharon AG is supporting.

Cost of the project :

To support one church planter we need Rs. 7,500/- (US $150) every month.

Period of the project :

3 years. By that time they will be self supported.

Travel Well - Serve Well for Church Planters
  • Bicycle which cost Rs. 3,750/- (US $75)
  • Motor Cycle Cost Rs. 62,500/- (US $1,250)

Please pray and support and encourage your friends to support some church planters.

To Support church planters Click Here.

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