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Church Planters

Pastor K. Sudheer & Mrs. Neelima
Assistant Pastor
This is a young dynamic couple blessed with a son, pastoring at Maseedbanda (Vaddera colony) among the stone cutters. God has been using this couple to reach different places surrounded by. They are also active in administrational work. They are targeting to reach 10 places to start cell groups.

Pastor Sanjeevulu & Mrs. Mariyamma
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Singur, Medak district. This couple has been able to reach nearly 10 villages till now with the kingdom message. They started two branch churches and want to four new branch churches by the end of this year. They are very hard working people. They walk from place to place to reach the un reached.

Pastor Korneli & Mrs. Rani
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Dhosapalli, Medak district. He is reaching several places along with his family. He has been faithful to the Lord and to the leadership. He started two branch churches at Ottipally and Mandhapur, Medak distrct. He is targeting to start four new brach churches by the end of this year. God blessed him with a motor bike recently.

Pastor B. Robert & Mrs.Suhasini
Church Planter
This is a very good couple, serving the Lord faithfully and with a zeal to spread the Kingdom authority in the dry places where they are pastoring. He is pastoring at Kandukur, Medak district. And also he started branch churches in Vamougudem, Kanduku gate, Kandukur village. He is covering nearly 10 villages surrounded by. And his target for this year is to start 5 new branch churches. God has blessed this family with a motor bike. So they are able to go more villages now.

Pastor Suresh & Mrs. Hepsiba
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Adilabad. He wants reach every manual in that district. There are 54 manuals with 740 villages, and his target is to reach every village. This couple is mostly working among the young people. They are building up dynamic leadership. Though the Adilabad is very hard place for soul winning, they are not discouraged rather they are going forward with zeal for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

Pastor Sukumar & Mrs. Pushpalatha
Church Planter
Pastoring at Pampad, Medak district. It is a historical place and the strong hold for Satan filled completely with non christians. After this couple stepped into this village, the Lord gave them the youth to catch for the Lord. So there was baptism ceremony in that village for the first time with 10 people. One young man doing his degree accepted the Lord, and was baptized. Recently there were 12 baptisms again. God has blessed this couple with a motor bike. So they are reaching to new villages. They have a target to 20 new villages and to start 4 new branch churches this year.

Pastor Timothy & Mrs. Shanthi
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Khammam. He is covering districts viz., Khammam, Warangal and Nalgonda. He has 3 branch churches. He is involved in bringing up the young generation and building them as upcoming leaders. He is doing a challenging ministry. His target for this year is to reach 20 new villages with the kingdom message and start 4 more branch churches. He also goes for outreach along with his young team. There are wonderful testimonies from these churches.

Pastor John David & Mrs. Swaroopa
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Kondapaka, Medak district. He is covering 25 villages in surroundings. He and his wife are trained pastors, they are building the church in the sound Word. He started 2 branch churches in villages viz., Timmareddypally and Vishwanath pally. He is building up leadership in the church. This couple is very thirsty for the ministry.

Pastor B.Victor Emmanuel
Church Planter
They are pastoring at Hafizpet, Hyderabad. He along with his wife worked hard in this place. The church is built in knowledge of the Word. And they are all filled with the Holy Spirit. Though the pastor's both the kidneys are failure and he under dialysis, still he is continuing the ministry.

Pastor Yesuratnam & Mrs. Sharada
Church Planter
He is pastoring at Vemana colony. He started a branch church at Indreshram colony. In spite of negative situation he continued the ministry and the Lord blessed the church. It is growing in number and in faith. Recently, his wife was severely sick, but the Lord healed her and restored her.

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