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Testimonies of Church Planters

Timothy (Church Planter),
Khammam District

Timothy is one of our church planters working at Khammam, AP India. He is covering 10 surrounding villages. The main church is at Khammam and is taking care of two branches at Chunchupally and Venugopal Nagar. His ministry is absolutely among non-Christians who strongly oppose the Christianity. His recent testimony is wonderful. A woman named Apsara has been baptized. She was going through some problems, got fed up with the life and decided to suicide. A woman from the church, who works in their house, shared about the love of Jesus and had brought her to the church. After coming to the church, she clearly felt the love which was missing in her life. So she continued to come to the church. Praise God she is now the member of the church and she is praying for her husband's salvation.

There is another woman named kanakamma. She suffered with bubbles on her body for 7 years. One of the church members named Mariyamma brought her to the fasting prayers. After she started coming to the church God healed her completely. So took baptism and she is regular to the church now. There are so many testimonies like these two. Please remember this ministry in your prayers.

P. Sukumar (Church Planter),
Pampad Village

It is a historical place, no Christian and no one went to that place to share the gospel. It is a place of Idol worship. We recognized it to be the strong hold of the devil so we started praying for that village. God answered our prayer by giving us a plan to visit that place with a mission team. So we took the Mission Team sent by Trinity Christian Centre, to Pampad. Sang in the streets, played the skits and shared the gospel and prayed for the sick. The whole village was shaken. It was a historic trip to that village. It opened the door to plant a church in that village. We sent Sukumar to pastor the church. The church is growing day by day. Now there are 80 members in the church. 60 children,10 youth. 20 of them are baptized. Now 2 more villages are covered. Started the ministry with children and the youth. A recent testimony: on the 31st night one man came from another village with his goat as she was ill. So the pastor applied the oil and prayed for the goat and the Lord immediately healed the goat. As a result, that man and his family invited the pastor to their village. In fact, pastor was praying for that village to start a branch church there. And the Lord opened the door to start the church in that village.

Pastor’s goal for this year: 200 members in the church at Pampad. 100 children and 40 youth. To start 4 care cells. Branch churches in 5 villages. Evangelistic trip in 5 villages. Start a prayer tower to have continuous prayer.

Victor Emmanuel (Church Planter),
Hafizpet, Hyderabad.

It is a Muslim area. The place is filled with Mosques and Temples. Started with 2 people and now it is grown to 80. The Sunday School has 40 children and there are 25 young people. There is a Feeding Centre with 40 children. The children in Feeding Centre are growing up in good discipline. They are studying well. The Love of Jesus is being taught to them. They all pray and read the Bible every day. Some of the children brought their parents to the church. Some of them are coming to church regularly. 2Care cells are going on now. Those two places are also Muslim dominated areas. There is a need of place for the church as the number is increasing.

Pastor’s goal for this year: 300 church members. 100 children and 50 youth. Wants to start care cells in 4 places. Branch churches in 2 areas. Medical Camps at least 2. Evangelistic work in 4 places and also wants to raise 15 prayer warriors to pray round the clock.

Ch. John David (Church Planter),
Kondapaka Village.

We started the church with 6 members in a house. We used to visit the village once a week and hold a prayer meeting in a rented house. Slowly the people started getting aware of the prayer meeting. The present attendance of the church is 100 with 25 youth and 50 children and 60 of them are baptized. Started a branch church at Timmareddypally and the present attendance of this church is 40 with 10 youth and 20 children. We erected a prayer shed in this place. I am covering 10 villages now, and I want to hold Medical Camps and some other social activities to get the focus of the local people. I also want to conduct youth meetings specially focusing on the youth. There are some orphan children in this area so it is a great blessing if there is an orphanage which can help the children to go for schooling.

My goal for this year: 200 members in the main church, 100 children and 50 youth and at least 75 people should be baptized. I want to start a care cell this year in 1 place. I want to hold 2 Medical Camps and Evangelize in 4 villages.

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