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Hope Prayer Testimonies

Hope Prayer_Testimony

Sharon AG church held 21 days fast praying from Jan 1 to 21. It was a great blessing to me personally. I had been suffering from knee pain for several years. During the 21 days fasting prayer, I prayer for the healing and I was healed completely.

Mrs. Mutturaj
Hope Prayer_Testimony

I had been suffering from Asthma since my childhood. After I started coming to Sharon AG church, I had prayer support from the church. As the church prayed for me, the Lord healed me completely. The church has been a great blessing to me.

David and Jyothi
Hope Prayer_Testimony

I used to work in a four wheeler service centre. I used to feel that I should have my own vehicle. As I was regularly attending for the 21 days fasting prayer, I prayed to the Lord asking Him to enable me to own Seven Seater Taxi. I am very much excited to share that the Lord heard my prayer and helped me to own the vehicle that I prayed for.

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