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Slum Children Project

Slum Feeding Centre

There are some slum areas where various kinds of people like stone cutters, beggars, laborers and destitute live. They work hard to earn their livelihood. Not only men even women also work. But the disappointing this is that, they work hard throughout the day and spend the money for boozing in the night. They are addicted to it and the effect is on their children. So their children had to beg in streets. And also from house to house. We realized that their mindset is to be changed so we started helping their children. We are able to reach them with the gospel through their children.

So with a great vision we started Slum Feeding Centre. The children come to this Centre everyday. We are giving them free tuition and feeding. We provide them school uniforms, school bags and note books and also help them in school fees. Along with all these, we are also sharing the most precious thing the love of God. They are leading a disciplined lives which wouldn't have been there if they were not brought to the feeding Centre.

At present we have 300 children in our feeding Centre but there are hundreds of children in streets and slums who want to come. We are praying for resources.

To support a slum child per month it costs Rs. 750/- (US $15) To donate, please Click Here

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