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Little Heart's Feelings

Mallika D/o late Lakshmaiah
Feeding Centre

My name is Mallika D/o late Lakshmaiah. I am studying 5th class. I am a Hindu girl. My father committed suicide when I was a little child. I have a younger sister. Her name is Vennela. It was a very dark time in our lives. We were in deep depression with our father’s death. So how could our mother send us to school with what she was earning through working in houses? We were in a pathetic situation. There was no happiness. Four years ago, Sharon AG Church found us on streets and talked to our mother and brought us to Feeding Centre. Since then, we have been coming here. After started coming here, everything started changing. I started studying well as Sharon AG Church provides us free tuition. Our sir Ramarao teaches us all the subjects. I studied hard and proved myself by getting first rank in class. The moment I heard that Jesus is the father to fatherless, I felt so happy, by knowing that Jesus is my father. I share about Jesus to my mother and to my friends. I read the Bible, memorize the scripture and spend time in prayer. I am praying for my mother’s salvation. Coming to Feeding Centre has completely changed the destiny of my life. Please pray for me, my younger sister and my mother.

Feeding Centre

My name is Kalyani. I am a Hindu girl. My father works as a daily labour. I was admitted in hospital as I was attacked by dengue fever. Doctors told my parents to take me back home expressing that there was no use. But at that time, one of our neighbours a member of Sharon AG church requested in the church to pray for me. So the Pastor and the church prayed for me. And also Ramarao teacher from Sharon AG church visited me in hospital and prayed for me. He told me while I was on bed, that Jesus would surely heal me because He loves me. He told me to say “Jesus heal me” so I repeated those words. Miraculously Jesus healed me. After coming back home, started coming to Feeding Centre. Ours is a poor family. After started coming to Feeding Centre, I am healthy, happy and studying well. I have been coming to Feeding Centre for 3 years. I am first in my class. I am reading the Bible, praying. Even my younger sister also is coming to Feeding Centre. I share my testimony to my friends. I am happy to know that Jesus loves me. So I thank Jesus for Sharon AG church Feeding Centre which brought a change in my life. Please pray for my parents’ salvation.

Look at us (Testimony of 4 children):
Feeding Centre

Here is a heart touching living testimony of a family. There are 4 children in a family named Bharati, Bhagya, Sridhar, Santoshi and Lazar. Mother died after giving birth to her last son. It was a very poor family. Father used to work here and there to feed his children. In addition to their poverty, when father was sick and not able to work first daughter bharathi started to work to feed her father. But all children from that family was supported by our feeding centre. Bharathi was attacked by dengue fever and died. Just after few days their father also became severely sick and was admitted in Govt. Hospital and was under treatment for few days but could not survive. There was no one to take his dead body. And the four Children were left alone as there was a custom in Hinduism that no one should touch them as the death occurred, so no one came forward to take care of the children except Sharon AG cell leaders. As the cell leaders brought all this to the notice of the pastor Prasad, he was moved with compassion towards the children. So he brought them to his house and sheltered them. The eldest girl among them is Bhagya of 14 years old, had a problem with haemoglobin so Mrs. Kala Prasad took her to the hospital and got her checked up thoroughly. 3 units of blood was transfused to her. Now the girl is fine and healthy. They joined her in the collage for nurse training for 3 years. And the other three children are going to school. Pastor Prasad and Mrs. Kala Prasad treat these children as their own. The love of Jesus is filling the hearts of the children with happiness. Now the children are strong in the Lord. They are studying well and growing well in the Lord. Not only these, there are many semi orphan children in our Centres. Pastor Prasad is praying for a home to bring all those children and shelter them.

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