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Helping Helpless Women

There are some areas where we find very poor people. They stay away from the communities because they are outcast and untouchable. We felt concerned for them so we started a Tailoring Training Program for the women there. They are very poor and not in a position to take care of their families so we bought some Sewing Machines and donated to them. That gave them a new hope for their lives.

Then we started sharing about the love of Jesus. As we taught them how gracious Jesus towards them is, then their hearts were touched. They started praying. There are more many women who need our support. We are burdened for them so we are praying that God may open a door for them. We want to provide free training for younger generation so that they can have self employment. We also encourage and support them to start Micro Business for their self employment.

We are able to reach more villages with this social work. And our main goal is to connect people to Jesus.

  • One Sewing machine costs Rs. 5000/- (US $ 100)

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