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Widows Care

As we go into villages to preach the gospel, we come across many widows begging in the streets. When we see those widows in that pathetic situation the expression of Jesus comes into our mind. Jesus was moved with compassion when He saw them like sheep without a shepherd vexed and wandering. The situation of those widows is the same. No relatives are concerned about them. Some of them have children and no way to feed them so they beg.

We felt concerned for them so decided to help at least partially by giving clothes, food and free medicine. We also want to make shelter for them. We already have a place where we can build something. We are praying to the Lord for the required resources from different agencies and churches so that we can build a house and keep them there. So we want you to pray about it. And if you feel burdened for them and want to assist this ministry, please let us know. We will be happy to contact you. Our ultimate goal is to lead them to Christ. So let us join hand in hand in showing care for these widows.

  • To support one Widow per month Rs. 750/- (US $15).

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