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Milking Cows Projects

Milking Cows Project is one of the best ways to create a resource to support Church Planters and Orphan Children. Each Milking Cow gives 20 to 25 liters milk per day. The amount earned through this milk is enough to support 2 Church planters or 4 Orphan children.

Project Process

Everyday the milk produced from a cow is collected and sent to the dairy farm for which the right amount is paid. The amount received from dairy farm is enough to support 2 church planters family expenses or 4 orphan children’s food and education.

One milking cow costs Rs.50,000/- (US $1000) along with a calf. One time investment can generate support for a long period of time. We request you to please pray about it and let us know if you are led to support this ministry by donating a cow or the cost of a cow. There is a vast task before us.

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