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Micro Business for Self Employment

Micro business is to provide self employment for the poor and needy. It needs a small amount to start with. See the list given below to get an idea about it:

Vegetable Stalls:
This can be either in a small stall or a mobile cart to sell the fresh vegetable. With this the seller can go to colonies or can go to houses. The money earned daily is enough for both family maintenance and for the purchase of vegetable for next day.
Coconut Stalls:
It is a business not limited to a particular season. If a person is able, he can a have stall or he can use a mobile cart.
Candle Making:
It is a good running business. Because every house needs candles since regular power cut is here in this country.
Fish Stalls:
Even fish stall has a high demand in this country. Maximum people are fond of fish. Stall can be in a small shop or just on the roadside, or on the market or even on bicycle going into colonies or house to house.
Selling Sarees:
Selling Sarees is different from a Matching Centre or Saree House. This is to help a person to sell sarees walking through streets or selling at home. There are so many who are doing this business.
TEA Stalls:
It is a self sustainable business with low investment. A tea stall can be set in any place.
Provision Stores:
Household items like rice, sugar, mineral water, soaps, tea powder, washing detergents etc. This business can be done even at home. Once people come to know about it, then there will be regular business.
Buy a Cow and sell it after few months for more price. Or milk business can be done with Cow. And grow the Chicks and sell or grow them for eggs. Eggs can be sold. There is no loss in any of these above mentioned business. Even goats also are on demand.

  • To help a person to start this business needs approximately Rs. 30,000/- (US $ 600).

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