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Eunuchs Ministry

These are rejected people in the community. They dress like women and beg money from men on streets. People express irritation towards them. Even the government does not care for them. God spoke to us one day that His kingdom is meant for them also. He made us realize that they are also worthy of receiving the love of Jesus. So we decided to help them by giving them training in some self employment scheme so that they can earn by themselves. We are happy to see them willing to work and earn for their livelihood. We have some other plans also to help them. Our heart is beating for them, because we want to bring them to the Lord. They also belong to the kingdom of God. Some of them have already accepted the Lord as their personal Savior and Lord. They are regular in coming to the church.

We want to encourage you to partner with us in this great task for the expansion of the kingdom of God. So please pray about it and let us know if you feel like partnering with us.

  • To help one eunuch to start a micro business to become self supportive, it costs about Rs. 30,000/- (US $600).

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