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ApostleNet International India

Apostle Net International India Mission is a network of apostolic churches and five-fold leaders. We serve and empower churches throughout India, SAARC nations and nations to equip and train the teams and send them out to preach the message of the King and His kingdom. We help to transition leaders and churches from pastoral containment to apostolic conquest.

Initially in 2004 Pastor Prasad was very much influenced with the teaching of Apostle Chris Peterson. First of all he was challenged to the transition from pastoral containment to apostolic conquest. Then he invited all the pastors and the leaders of local churches to have this teaching by Apostle Chris Peterson. Really it was a turning point in the church history in India.

After receiving this teaching the transition happened in pastors and churches as well .Previously Pastors used to struggle for the survival of the ministry. They used to have competitive mind and there was no unity among them. But after receiving this apostolic teaching they got rid of the in secure feeling and competitive spirit. There is a strong unity among them. They are even share the pulpit now. There is breakthrough in the church ministries in India through the apostolic teaching.

Apostolic Conferences

Apostolic Breakthrough Conferences

These are the conferences held in district places. The purpose of these conferences is to bring a breakthrough in the ministries in that district. Almost all of the churches are running with the pastoral mindset. We were able to see the breakthrough in many districts through these conferences. Pastors and leaders were released from traditional bonds. They are changed from church mindset to Kingdom mindset, from victim mindset to victor mindset, from containment mindset to conquest mindset. We want to hold these conferences in all the districts of AP and also in the other parts of India.

Round table conference

This is a closed conference. Those who are challenged at Breakthrough Conferences are invited to this conference. We teach the Kingdom principles and train them so that they can go to their places and teach to their congregations and bring a transformation in them. It is really working out. We are able to see the transition. These delegates are connected to Apostlenet. A covenant relationship is established between the Regional leaders with Apostlenet Leaders Team.

Regional Conferences

These are conferences are held in local areas. The regional leaders along with Apostlenet Leadership Team teach and equip those who are present for the conference. Regional leaders take the responsibility of informing and inviting the local leaders and upcoming leaders and pastors for these conferences. We hear the feed back from the local people and regional leaders about the transition that has taken place through these conferences. Believers in the churches are growing with Kingdom mindset.

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