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Women Ministry

Our Vision for Women

The women of Sharon AG are set free to serve God.
  • By coming out of the busyness of life to share the love of God to the world.
  • By finding their place in the body of Christ and serve in obedience to the Leadership.
  • By effecting the environments of their surroundings with God-given gifts and talents to serve God.

Steps to fulfil the Vision:

1. Emphasise:
    * The importance of prayer for self, family, church, work and world.
    * The study of the Word of God to renew their minds, so that every wrong concept can be replaced
    * By what God's Word has to say about it and about them.
2. Encourage:
    * To seek God and develop a personal and intimate relationship with Him.
    * To seek to be united and committed to one another and to the Church family.

What is the purpose to start the Women Ministry?

    * To discipline them to make them disciples.

How do we attain this purpose?

1. By Educating
    * About the worth of a woman
    * About the identity and purpose of life
    * About the security that they have in Christ
    * The importance of establishing the Lordship of Jesus over their lives.
2. Energising
    * To help to identify natural and spiritual gifting
    * To help to discern God's call on their lives
3. Equipping
    * To encourage the development of spiritual disciples
    * To teach them to find primary sustenance in the Word of God
    * To establish right doctrine
    * To put in the correct perspective the following: dying to self, suffering , humility, submission, obedience, prayer    and complete dependence on the Holy Spirit.
    * To give opportunities to use their gifting amongst other women to edify and build one another up relationally
    * To give opportunities to serve in the church in accordance with the call on their lives
    * To release them to make a difference for Jesus in their world

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