Nani's dreams

Nani was a young boy from a tribal village Illapur Thanda in Medak living in abject poverty. While many of his peers were going to school, Nani's parents were reluctant to send him due to poverty. He said that he and even few of his friends were interested to study but because it was tough for them to make ends meet, they had to beg for food every day.

We approached his parents and his friends' parents and brought awareness of the need of education and persuaded them to send their children to the Free Tuition and Feeding Centre. They were convinced to send and today Nani is a graduate and is working in a good company. Today, he is volunteering in the same project, teaching and building lives of many poor children

Expressing his gratitude, he said, " I am so thankful to Sharon Seva for changing the destiny of my life through Free Tuition and Feeding Center. I am now not only able to earn my livelihood but also taking care of my parents and help other children by giving them free tuition"