Latha is now a bread-winner

This is Latha from Maseed Banda, Hyderabad, who lost her husband in an accident. We happened to ask her how her life was after her family's great loss for which she responded in tears that she wanted to end her life as she was not able to manage her household due to financial crisis.

When asked about her life she said, "I am unable to manage myself at home whenever thoughts about her relationship sprung up and every time I think, I wish I were with him in the grave."

The day after we encouraged her, Latha came to the centre where tailoring classes were held and joined the course. She successfully completed her training and has learnt to earn her livelihood through tailoring.

When we donated a sewing machine to Latha, she expressed her thankfulness saying, "I am alive today and I am able to live my life. I overcame social exclusion and financial challenges; I will always be grateful to Sharon Seva for showing the way and purpose of my life”