Building healthy communities

Every year millions in India are affected by preventable diseases due to poverty,unhygienic environment and lack of basic health care facilities in their vicinities. Women, children and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to such diseases and deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals which not only affects their health but also pushes them further into poverty because of their out-of-pocket health expenses.

Realizing the need to provide mobile and accessible basic medical care to these groups, we started conducting medical camps in the remote parts of our region especially at villages including among the tribals.
Every year, as part of our Medical camps, we provide

  • Free medicines and supplements
  • Physician consultation
  • Eye check up along with free prescription glasses
  • Dental check up

Around a hundred Medical Camps have been conducted in the past two decades through which we have been able to help thousands of poor in Telangana, India. We believe that these small medical interventions will not only help in providing health care needs but also bring cheer and dignity to them.

We are glad to continue our efforts to make a positive change in their lives. You can partner with us in this mission by sending your kind donations. If you like to volunteer with us for this project, kindly contact us

Your support would help us in our vision of building healthy communities in India